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Biden Removes his Mask.

On Sunday, the Biden regime announced their brazen attack against the 2nd Amendment.

The despotic statement that was released by the Biden regime was designed to use the Parkland killing as an excuse to remove the 2nd Amendment liberties from American citizens. This fraudulently elected Biden Regime is calling for the most antigun, anti-liberty, legislation in the history of the United States of America, with the intent to turn the citizens of this great nation into subjects.

Biden’s entire statement:

From our founding, the rattlesnake has been a symbol of the spirit of Americans. By its nature, a rattlesnake is harmless to you if left alone, but when provoked this creature will bite the offender with a vicious venomous bite.

The Second Amendment and the Right to Bear Arms are American’s liberty teeth. The Biden regime is attempting to remove the ability of Americans to fight despotism and tyranny.

What is a rattlesnake without fangs? A lowly worm. By removing American’s ability to protect their liberty, Americans will become no more potent than worms and will become weak and easily defeated. Americans will become subjects to tyranny.

Clearly, this is all unconstitutional. But Since the Supreme Court failed to stand against blatant election fraud, the probability of them doing so now is almost nill. We knew this was coming, and the question is, what are the American People to do to stop this blatant violation of rights?

The 2nd Amendment was not designed or included in the Bill of Rights to hunt deer, as some would have you believe.

The 2nd Amendment was designed and included in the Bill of Rights to shoot and kill tyrants. Tyrants who would want to trample your rights and reduce the United States of America’s citizens to Subjects.

Judge Napolitano: Second Amendment Was Written To Protect Right To Shoot Tyrants.

Now the picture becomes clear of why The Biden Regime has labeled Trump supporters as domestic terrorists and surrounded itself with a standing army of roughly 20,000 around the nation’s Capital and throughout DC.